rock - Anyta Sunday This is a beautiful book because of how beautiful it is written and how sweet it was in general. I simply love the idea of the rocks. It was very touching, and I was suffering along Cooper most of the times. While it is a sweet, angsty story, it was also a very emo.

Although I think it was lovely, my feelings for this book are all over the place. It is a love/hate thing; my heart broke in many scenes, but I also was full of anger in others. Anyway, most of the story I hate. I hate Cooper's father, I hate that he was having a whole other family (for 5 years!) while he was married to Cooper's mother and living with them, at the same time that living with Lila and Jace. While I did like Lila and everything that carried being with her, I could never forgive him, specially not as fast as Cooper did. What his father did was the highest treason, and while I felt sorry for all he got thru (marrying because of pregnancy, being apart from his true love for many years), what he did was unforgivable. I admit I cried a little bit about it.

I love how you can "see" how besotted Jace is with Cooper from the very beginning. The start of their relationship was simply the best, so sweet. It is the best to "feel" their love, not because the author is telling us, but because we can "see" it, in their actions, in their words, in their eyes. Then, THAT melodrama happened (the possibility of Jace and Cooper being real brothers), and it went downhill.

I almost quit once Cooper finds Jace in his room with his bf sucking him off. To me, that was the biggest treason, and although I understand WHY it happened, I can't accept it. In their house, nonetheless! Then Cooper goes and loses his virginity to some random guy. I swear I wanted to kick someone. I was so close to drop it. I hate that, that although they loved each other so much, they went and hooked up with other people and had relationships with other people. For what? For saying, "ok, screw it", after several years and realizing they still want to be together no matter what. I think there was no point for all the drama. So many years wasted! And worst, there could be incest, but they decided that their love was stronger. I say, screw that!

I liked Cooper and I was hopping he could forget Jace and find happiness with another guy. In general, Jace has been a jerk with Cooper. He made him suffer again and again, first with putting some distance between them (how cold he was!) and then bringing his bf to their house and doing that in front of Cooper? Unforgivable! Worst, he has several relationships with women and men, and then he was the nerve to look hurtful when he meets Cooper's bf.

I guess the only character I really liked was Annie. I would have reacted just like her if I knew my father has been cheating on my mother (and having a side family) for FIVE YEARS. And I like that she found happiness with a good guy.

So yeah, my feelings for this book are love/hate: In summary, I love the beginning, I love the idea of the rocks (so sweet), I love how it is written. On the other hand, I hate the story with the father and the mothers, and the melodrama in Cooper's and Jace's life. Too mcuh melodrama, like HUGE. And I hate Jace (who really didn't deserve Cooper) and also the end. Uhm, I can't recommend this to anyone, but I do recommend the author.