The Worst Thing I Ever Did

The Worst Thing I Ever Did - RemainNameless Man, this author... She is amazing, I don't care how old is she (apparently she was very young when she wrote this). This fanfic is basically, a PWP. A PWP with lots of feelings. A hilarious, romantic, super-hot PWP. Not as good as [b:No Homo|21570001|No Homo|RemainNameless||40902451] (will there ever be one as good as "No Homo"? Errr... I don't think so). There were so many things I loved about this fanfic. Let's start with how Stiles and Derek get it on. Just **snaps of fingers** like that. No beating about the bush. They have known each other for some time, Derek smells that Stile is, as ever, horny. One thing leads the other and they are becoming guys with benefits (not "friends" because they "hate each other's guts". Aha, right. Like, whenever they look at each other, they want to rip each other's throats... and clothes).

(And oh yes, thanks to all the fans out there who upload Sterek videos in YT. There is one, "75 signs to know you are gay" that made me "learn more" about Sterek. Specifically, how they sound like, who Danny is, cousin "Miguel" **giggles**, the intense stares, "sourwolf" and all there is to know about Sterek -all their special scenes together-).

Anyway, thanks to that little video and others, I could understand some things that, otherwise, would not have made any sense. Because of that, I loved when Danny and Stiles talk. It was very funny. (So yeah, it is better if you watch the TV show to read this... I don't but whatever).

I have to say that this author knows how to write Stiles perfectly. Or (since I have never watched the show) she is the one who sold me the image of Stiles. Both fanfics that I've read so far have the most awesome Stiles. I love how the author overuse the italic text. It makes perfect sense for Stiles. Like, he has to talk like this, think like this. It is part of his nature or something. Besides being completely oblivious.

So, back to the fanfic. Other things I LOVED **spoilers, I guess**:

- Scott is a good bro. As in, he supports Stiles, he has this back when Stiles asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend (like, he doesn't EVEN blink). Generally, Scott is such a secondary character I can't really appreciate his friendship, but he was good here.

- how all the pack was aware of the thing going on between Stiles and Derek. It never fails.

- Gosh, their times together were hot. When they had a bit of dirty talk (not much, but...). When they were turned on only because the other was saying stuff like "I hate you so much. You are my least favorite person ever" (a real love-hate thing going on there). How Derek was so jealous if he thought Stiles has been with someone else previously. And how glad he was that Stiles was still a virgin. I loved that both of them lost their virginity together (ok, not Derek. BUT, he lost his gay virginity with Stiles). How Derek liked to mark Stiles (or, according to the Sheriff, mauled Stiles, when he had a chance to look at Stiles' hickeys -and whoa, turns out, the Sheriff is good-looking. I imagined him to be like, Kurt Russell or something. But no, he is much younger and attractive). Gosh, the time when Stiles lost his virginity. It was super-mega-hot, but also super-sweet, and so romantic. Not a sex scene. Oh no. It was love-making (explicit but yeah, LOVE), even if by that time, they were still in denial. But gosh, Derek's words **fanning myself**.

It was all going so well... Until the last chapter. It was super-angsty. Stiles said the cruelest words to Derek (even I was hurt). Derek and his reaction... Gah, I wanted to weep. When they confess their feelings I was expecting to be more romantic and less angsty; too bad. Then, Stiles "introduces" his boyfriend to the Sheriff (who of course is not entirely too happy about it) and then, the last phrase of the fanfic left me: "wait, WHAT!? It ends like this? You are KIDDING me."

So yeah, not too happy with the last chapter. I wish there were at least 3 more chapters. Or that those words that Stiles said to Derek weren't said (less angst!). Taking that aside, it was a superb fanfic, and I will read her other works, no doubt. I love her sense of humor. Write more, please!

[EDIT: err, there aren't much more to choose from. One where Sterek is a porn-star? Ugh... I don't know... Maybe... I can't read stories where they are getting on with other people besides each other. Other fanfic is with Stiles and a daddy-kink? (like, who-the-funk is freaking Rafe? I just want Sterek, goddamn) But there are others... let's see].