Hotaru's Light Vol. 1

Hotaru's Light Vol. 1 - Satoru Hiura Yesterday I started watching the dorama, so I decided to, why not, read at least a couple of volumes of the manga. This is a rom-com; Hotaru is a woman in her twenties who shares a house with the manager of his company (Buchou). They are the opposite of each other (he is tidy, she is messy; he is serious, she is funny; etc) but they get a along pretty well. She is dating a younger man, but the rom-com is between her and Buchou.

The first episode is a bit different from the manga, but it is basically the same. Hotaru is a bit clumsy and sometimes the relationship between her and Buchou reminds me a little bit of Nodame and Chiaki. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong about how Hotaru is at her home. Heck, who doesn't like to be in her most awful but comfortable clothes, with a messy hair and lazing around when you are in your own house? (Himono onna)

So far is good. She looks a bit like a shoujo character, but it is actually a josei.