Miss Chartley's Guided Tour

Miss Chartley's Guided Tour - Carla Kelly I don't think I will ever find a Carla Kelly book that is bad. Her characters are all kindred spirit; from the spinster heroine to the runaway boy, the Spanish orphan girl, and the ex-soldier. Even the Runner guy. The situation here is dramatic, although with a touch of humor that come from the secondary characters.

Omega, the heroine (Omega! what a name! and her brother is Alpha... yikes. But truly you forget the weirdness of their names along the story) finds a runaway boy and helps him to get to his uncle, because the poor boy is being abused by his tutor. Throughout their journey, they meet Hugh the soldier, and Angela the orphan. Once they reach Jamie's uncle's house, Omega realizes it is the house of her former fiancee Matthew, who stood her up at the altar 8 years ago.

The reasons behind Matthew's decision are valid and somewhat painful, although he did wrong and it is the main reason why I could never liked him. He was a nice man, especially with their unexpected guests, but I could never warmed really towards him. Even despite his traumatic past and his impotency. But how could he do what he did? The night before his marriage, nonetheless? In front of all his friends? And with a 14-year-old prostitute? Thank God for his impotency, or he would have been a cheater -he was saved by his penis (!)- (although he is a criminal? he tried to sleep with a child, but because he couldn't, he hit her).

The book is a sweet, traditional romance, although there is a gore situation that was too grim and the unsolved murder gets cleared too quick and conveniently, considering that it happened 8 years ago. Matthew did nothing for years, not even contacting Omega or at least, write her a letter asking for forgiveness, and all the sudden, he decides to clear his name because he feels there has been a conspiracy against him (after 8 years). And Matthew overcoming his impotency was so out of nowhere. Just like that, in the last couple of pages. Not convincing.

It is true that it is not one of CK's best books, but she never fails and always delivers with a nice romance.