Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson I am surprised at how good this was. I was skeptical before I started reading it: when I looked at the tags, I was "eh? dystopian? MEH" since I wasn't in the mood for this genre. So I was going to read the sample only, and boy, I was hooked from the first chapter. What a way to introduce the main characters! Our MC David is only 8 when he is in the bank with his father, and they meet 2 superheroes (or should we say, two supervillains). David witnesses his father's death, not before seeing than Steelheart, who is supposed to be invincible, bleeds from a gunshot. Steelheart, in order not to have any witness from this calamity, murders everyone, except David, who manages to escape.

Uf, what an introduction. Years later and David succeeds in joining forces with the Reckoneers, a group of rebels who try to vanish all the supervillains (the Epics). My enthusiasm diminished a little bit once David starts falling for Megan, one of the rebels and a super hot, super kick-ass girl (I wasn't in the mood for ANY romance), but never fear. It was a bit cute how nervous he was at times, and also that it was more of a crush than a romance. True, he is very much into the physical aspect ("she is so beautiful", "she has great eyes/hair/lips/etc.", but the action compensates this silly kind of stuff).

Every one of the team was great, and the best is that we are able to know each other. My, the action of this book! One battle after the other, and if there wasn't any gunshots and explosions, it was about them hiding, planning, car/bike chasing, etc. There is never a dull moment in the entire book. And what is best (maybe) is that David is as good or better than the others in the team: he has a brain, he can fight, he improvises and he is completely focus on his goal.

There is a moment where I was a bit let down, and it was when Megan died. Who would expect the MC's love interest to die? But in a way, it was also a bit refreshing since I never read that kind of premise before, and really, I wasn't looking for a romance. And just when I started to deal with it and be OK with it, Megan shows up, alive and kicking. I was, huh? couldn't the author have stick to his original idea? But then it all fit and once again, I had to congratulate the author.

I can only wonder, why wasn't I more into it? I mean, when I was reading it, I totally was, I couldn't put it down and it was very exciting. But when I wasn't reading it, I wasn't rushed to pick it up again. Reason why it took me longer than usual.

But, I totally recommend this. To anyone that enjoys stories with characters with superpowers, with a lot of action scenes, stories where revenge is the reason of living of the MC. Will I continue with the rest of the series? Probably not, since Steelheart is dead and I am not interested in following the "love story" between David and Megan and their angsty thingy.