Hotaru's Light Vol. 6

Hotaru's Light Vol. 6 - Satoru Hiura Hotaru and Buchou are no longer living together and although they may not be aware of it (well, Buchou only; Hotaru is aware of it), they miss each other terribly.

Hotaru is thinking about marriage with Makoto-kun. She wants it but at the same time, doesn't. But again, she thinks there may never be another chance in her life.

I may be re-watching/re-reading too much, but this manga is in several aspects so similar to [b:Nodame Cantabile, Vol. 1|1261277|Nodame Cantabile, Vol. 1 (Nodame Cantabile, #1)|Tomoko Ninomiya||1250120]. Specially in the chapter where Buchou comes for a visit with Hotaru's nephews and is shocked with her messy living room. I mean, he even kicks her! Just like Chiaki does to Nodame when he visits her in her department. And her clothes full of mushrooms . And like Chiaki, Buchou cannot stand it, being the tidy man he is, and cleans up everything. And then sits down to drink a beer, like old good times

Waaa, I miss Nodame....