Ranma ½, Vol. 1

Ranma ½, Vol. 1 - Rumiko Takahashi Impossible not to compare this manga with Inuyasha, since it is from the same author. Akane is a little bit like Kagome (strong, with a temper) and Ranma is a bit like Inuyasha (likes to fight, a bit grumpy but always defending the girl). I like the love/hate relationship between them, and although it may be a bit weird to read about a guy who turns into a girl, it works and it is kind of funny.

Like in Inuyasha, the author presents the main girl naked in the tub, from the waist up. And surprisingly, it does not feel like fanservice. No, instead it is comprehensible and almost taken from granted.

As in other comedy with gender bender, there is a boy who falls for the "girl" (who is actually a boy). So far I am liking the story, and no need to add that I love the art.