Just a Bit Twisted

Just a Bit Twisted - Alessandra Hazard 4.5 (while I was writing this review, I changed my rating from 4 to 5, then from 5 to 4. Still undecided).

I've been saving this book for, oh, I don't know how long. Dying to read it, but since I am a bit of a masochist, I usually save up the best for the last. I knew I was going to love it. Sometimes you just can tell this kind of things.

I started it yesterday night and didn't go to sleep until the very end. I liked this so much I re-read it again this morning (the book is so short it is meant to be read twice).

Let's say that the relationship between Shawn and Professor Derek Rutledge starts a little f***ed up. Shawn offers to do "anything" so he can pass Rutledge's class, then Rutledge offers to pay Shawn a crazy high amount of money to "use" his mouth, and since Shawn has his twin little sisters to support, he accepts. Then, Rutledge offers him money to pose as his boyfriend in front of his family. At school, they can't keep their eyes and hands from each other. And they meet at Shawn's place where they spend most of the time on each other, with the little girls next door.

So we have: a student-teacher fling; a respectable gap of age (Rutledge is 33, Shawn maybe around 20); whoring, sex at school... wow, so many things wrong... AND I LOVED IT!

Rutledge is just so.. bossy, domineering, pushy. Doesn't talk much, but his expressions and eyes say it all. And he likes to take advantage of Shawn's "oral fixation". My, this poor Shawn did not have a chance! Everything happens so quickly, and Shawn doesn't have the time nor the strength to deny the chemistry or to analyze his new found sexuality. He is so overwhelmed (his words, not mine) every time he is with Rutledge. He just knows he can't be without Rutledge's mouth on him.

And this was a love/hate relationship to perfection! Rutledge looks at Shawn with so much contempt and lust. His motto is to f*ck straight, unattainable pretty boys just once and then leave them. Not with Shawn. These two guys cannot keep their mouth and hands off each other. I loved it, I love the amount of kisses there is. And the incredible sexual tension. Which leads to the excellent steamy scenes **flames**

Someone needs to slap me several time because, again, to me it was like reading a Sterek fanfic **hides in shame** The professor is Rutledge at first, then he is Derek. Shawn is kind of similar to Stiles (not really hahaha). Rutledge is kind of a dick to Shawn sometimes (like when he takes Shawn and offers then to pay him), but in reality, he is nice and caring (i.e, with the little girls). He doesn't need to say much... he doesn't need to tell Shawn he cares/loves him because his actions proves it (even Shawn is ok with that). He is a bit possessive (when Shawn arrives with this Xavier), and no matter how much he wants to deny it, he is also jealous.

The perfect package: moody, domineering, a lamb behind his wolfish looks, kind, possessive, jealous, crazy for Shawn, intelligent, rich.

Not that Shawn wasn't OK. He is so cute without losing his male attributes. I love how he flushes when he is with Derek, how he is unable to think when he is with Derek, that he doesn't have any issues with being with a man for the first time (for that alone, I cannot think this is a G4U... because Shawn doesn't really have any conflicts with it, since he is an orphan and his bff is bi, so he doesn't care what others will say. His main struggle is that his lover is also his teacher and the most hated professor in college, but that is all. The fact that he is man is not so relevant. Shawn doesn't have any issues embracing his new sexuality, so really, this is not a g4u, but a I-realize-I-am-bi-because-of-you). I love his "oral fixation" and that he doesn't fight against it.

It is not hard to understand why they fall for each other. And what it is best, we are not told but we actually see it happen. I wish more authors were like this... no need to use over-flowering words to convince the reader. Not that Shawn and Derek don't talk, but their dialogues are never romantic... more like, honest and angry and heated. Like that ending... oh my, it was so sweet! I finished it with a huge, silly smile on my face.

Perfect plot: no misunderstandings, no love triangle, no beating around the bush. The "sex for a grade" is over pretty quickly, thank heavens. But not the love/hate thing, which I loved! Let's say that it is a huge turn on, for readers and for both MC **huge grin**

I wish it was longer.... it was perfect otherwise.

[I will not read #2, though. On one hand, we have a straight guy who gets all possessive for the gay guy (yayy, major turn on!), but on the other hand, we have a threesome (which is... NO). Unfortunately, so far, the menage wins over the possessiveness, which is a shame because I really want to read more from this author.]