The Lonely Egotist

The Lonely Egotist - Hikaru Masaki, Masara Minase, Karen McGillicuddy I am not fond of forced seduction. There was a time where I kind of like it (in yaoi only) but not anymore. Asakura seduced silly Minami after 2 minutes of meeting each other. In the middle of a business meeting. And from there, is a patron of "Come to this hotel, I will show you a new room to be inspired to design something good". Minami thinking "I can't be close to this rapist, but surely he wouldn't attempt to do anything now". Follows a dub-con. Times 3 (at least).

So yeah, Minami was kind of stupid. Then he goes and falls in love with the rapist Asakura.


Obs: the fact that Minami called Asakura "Mister Asakura" the whole time (even in bed) was very awkward.