Sleeping With Money

Sleeping With Money - Barbara Katagiri, Sakuya Fujii I liked this one. Not only has one or two hot scenes, but Tatsurou and Sagami make a great couple! Tatsurou is a Yakuza who likes to get into fights and to put a facade of bad boy. Sagami is an old, rich boy acquaintance from school who has always been in love with Tatsurou. So when Tatsurou (who sees Sagami as his enemy) has a huge debt, he makes an agreement with Sagami: Tatsurou has to pay him with his body.

Although the first one is forced, in the following ones Tatsurou likes it but he keeps denying it. So he has to be tied up (he wants it that way; otherwise he "will punch Sagami"). It was a surprise to have a light BDSM, which I liked a lot. And I loved that Tatsurou is so grumpy, while Sagami is relaxed and never takes Tatsurou's grumpy mood seriously.

And while Tatsurou is the uke, he is always manly, which was excellent. Very stuborn, but a real tsundere.

I did not like the illustrations that much; the mouths were too big IMO.