Jin 1

Jin 1 - Motoka Murakami JIN is a favorite of mine. I love the story, the setting, the characters. I was so pleased to read reviews of medical students who think that the medical aspect of the story is accurate. In general, I love all stories that involved time-travel, but sometimes they do not work so well. But in JIN, it does, more so because Minakata-sensei is a doctor who is aware of maybe the danger of changing history, but since he is a doctor, saving lives presently is more important than the future.

Too bad Saki is just 16-years-old, since Minakata-sensei is 34. Nothing romantic happened so far, but since I am familiar with the story, it was a bit of let-down.

I was moved with Minakata-sensei saving Tae-san, just like I was when I watched it on screen. Jin-sensei is so nice, and such a good doctor.

Amazing manga. And for what is worth it, the dorama is one of the best one I've seen so far. Highly recommended, both versions (manga and dorama).