Train_Man: Densha Otoko, Vol. 2

Train_Man: Densha Otoko, Vol. 2 - Hidenori Hara, Hitori Nakano Re-read on Dec. 17th.

OMG, this manga/story is so cute! I can't believe any of my GR friends (the kind that reads manga) did not read it yet... It is part of the Japanese culture, and it is a very poignant story.

I found #2 and #3 when I went to this store (ok, I am lying. I went there specifically looking for this series... it is a "must-have" manga). Vol. #2 had me smiling and giggling, just like Hermes is when she is text-messaging Train-man. And the netizens are seriously the funniest secondary characters in a manga (or book, for that matter).