Crows Vol. 01

Crows Vol. 01 - Hiroshi Takahashi Who would have thought that a manga about a bunch of high school punks getting into fights all day would be so much fun? Not my kind of manga maybe, but after watching the two awesome movies I wanted to read more about the world of Crows.

Too bad we do not have Genji or Serizawa in the manga, but we have Bouya, the new blond guy in school. He is strong but nice. He befriends very quickly with the weakest guy, only because he likes his sister. On the other hand, there are a couple of factions in school. And it was a nice surprise to see Rindaman at the end. I wonder if the Hiromi in the manga is the same as in the movie?

Lots of fists (and a couple of iron bars). At least in the manga the school is actually an educational building, not just a rough place to gather delinquents.