How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps

How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps - Josephine Myles The BDSM was too strong for my liking. I like a few slaps and all the Sir's and some toys, but not too much pain, like Eddie did. And well... Jeff is a psycho sadist, in my opinion. I would have hated him in real life. Hell, if I had crossed path with him and he tried to seduce me, I would have either slapped him or ran away. True, he is new in this BDSM department, but he lost control a few first time and it made me shiver, not with pleasure, but disgust. He did not have much choice, he HAD to fall for Eddie because no one else could have accepted his ways.

The GFY is not sweet nor romantic nor believable. Without the BDSM they wouldn't have anything in common. And the GFY aspect is what I was looking for more than anything.