Balloon Animals Are Awesome

Balloon Animals Are Awesome - DiscontentedWinter Sterek is addictive, y'all.

Anyway, I was saving this fanfic for some time (cuz this author rocks). Stiles is as funny as I was expecting, I had to suppress my laugh (I've read this when I wasn't supposed to). My favorite Stiles' quotes:

“You smell like them,” Derek says, his mouth turning up in a silent snarl.

“Oh, okay,” Stiles says. “Well, next time I’ve been kidnapped I’ll try and shower and spruce myself up a bit before the rescue, shall I? Maybe spritz a little Armani Acqua di Gio while I’m at it?”


“You like that?”

“No, I just picked now to find religion,” Stiles mutters, because fuck Derek’s stupid hot smug face.

And of course, every time he says "sweet zombie Jesus". I love this expression, ha!

The Sheriff is the best dad, so supportive (and wow, I recently saw some gifs.. the Sheriff is so young and handsome!).

Derek is... well, one of the tags is Derek is terrible at communicating. Yeah, he sucks a little bit... hurts Stiles a little bit and growls a lot.

There is also a bit of action: the kind we girls like **wink, wink** and a paranormal one.

Waa, I am almost done with all DW's Sterek fanfic :(