Binomial Coefficients

Binomial Coefficients - DevilDoll This is my favorite kind of Sterek fanfic: nerdy, babbling Stiles, grumpy, misunderstood Derek, fluffy story, no angst, no dramas. Just Stiles and Derek getting to know each other, and my favorite, Stiles being oblivious to an in-love-Derek.

Stiles is a math nerd and wants Derek to join the math club once he finds out a paper where Derek has solved an advanced math problem. It seems like Derek does not like him: his glare, his frown, all typical Derek stuff that makes Stiles misunderstand the whole deal and think that Derek wants to murder him. But Derek is a nice guy and once they start hanging out, they bond and Stiles falls for him.

There is one thing I did not like and it was Stiles' age. I am not used to read fanfics where Stiles is so young! Just 15, while Derek is 18 and obviously more experimented. Thank God nothing happens, just sweet, hot kisses and some touching (all with clothes one, thankfully).