Love Bites: A Feral Hearts Tale

Love Bites: A Feral Hearts Tale - D. River In spite of the awful cover, this was a really good book. Not focused on sexy scenes at all, but on the friendship between Ryder and Tucker and their first days as lycans. Theirs is a friendship for years, since they were children, and luckily -or unluckily- they are both bitten one day by a lycan, which ends in them turning into lycans. Besides their first night changed, where Ryder is happy to be with his mate, and ending with him giving Tucker a BJ, nothing more happens for a while.

I don't think there was even sexual tension between them, since they both love each other since forever and the sex doesn't interfere in his friendship. The book is written from Ryder's POV, in 3rd person, so we know he starts to fantasize with Tucker sexually. But happily, showing the reader that they are truly friends, he confesses this to Tucker, and Tucker as well confesses he is going thru the same thing. Then Ryder is all "I may be falling for him", and again, luckily, he tells Tucker this. So really, there wasn't any awkwardness (mostly) and we readers know they are truly friends.

Besides them going thru what is to be a werewolf, fighting against it and against the "curse" that is making them hot for each other (they are both straight), they also have to deal with hunters, ghosts, and other curses. So the pace is never slow, something is always happening, there is a constant danger, a couple of fights, and a couple of sexy times. But what I liked the best is the journey to be and accept their new selves, which is being lycans, being mates and in Tucker's case, being an alpha.

Their first time together: OUCH. Ryder should really have read more about the, err, preparation, that's all I'm saying. Nevertheless, it was funny, because they were both very comfortable, making jokes and laughing. Really nice.

My pet peeves: 1) seems like everyone is gay (the vampire, Trey); 2) that exhibitionism in front of Trey. I get that they are all a pack, but still... Not liked, at all. Thankfully for them is not that big of an issue and it just is, meaning, no consequences because of that and no awkwardness.

**Oh, the author is male. Now I get why this book lacks cheesiness that is so easy to find in paranormal, yay**.