Only Serious About You 1

Only Serious About You 1 - Kai Asou So cute! And all thanks to the fever :D

The fever thing has been used to many times but in this case it was worth it. Oozawa distrusted Yosshi at first, since Yosshi is a big flirt and brings a new lover to the restaurant where Oozawa works every once in a while. Until Oozawa's little girl, Chizu, gets sick. And since Oozawa lives far away from the restaurant and from the school, Yosshi invites him and Chizu to stay over at his house.

They stay for a couple of days only, but Oozawa comes to know and trust Yosshi. Yoshii still flirts but he is a sweetheart. So far only one kiss, and the manga ended with Oozawa slowly, very slowly, starting to see Yosshi under a new light.

I love it. It is sweet and slow. I can see why Oozawa would go gay for Yosshi :D