Gambling Men: The Novel

Gambling Men: The Novel - Amy Lane 3.5

I am not really a fan of Amy Lane (not that I hate her). I've read some samples of other books and I wasn't hooked, like ever. I don't like her writing, tbh. Which is one of the negative things of this book. It is like we don't match. The conversations between Jace and Quent were nice and romantic, the sex scenes were hot, and the dirty talk was just like I like it, but still, it wasn't too hot for my taste.

Still, after having such a bad luck in my late mm romances, this was like a breath of fresh air. Why? Because it was as romantic as I want my MM to be (meaning, no other hook-ups/one-night-stand... only the romance between two guys). The story starts a bit "eh?" since Jace and Quent are best friends and partners in business, and one day they have a thing in a locker room. While playing poker with friends, Quent (who is straight) cannot stop thinking about it, so they are basically exchanging hot stares during the game. Then it follows them going "like rabbits on Viagra" (words from the author, not mine).

Thankfully, since they are best of best friends, they start their love life without preambles. Sure, Jace is possessive and jealous for little things, but they were ok. They give them all without doubts, without second thoughts. I loved that. They are not insecure about what the other one is feeling, what the other one is thinking. Their relationship is a serious one, and pretty much from the start they both know that "this is it".

That does not mean they don't have their ups and downs. They have some silly fights (like when Quentin is down because their parents disown him after finding out their son was gay) and Jace is a bit too emotional (supposedly, he is a shark without emotions... ehhh, he was the one who was more vulnerable in the entire book). Still, I think that everything that happens is the after, what we don't get in MM romances after the HEA... it is about them committing to their love, moving out together, having trips together, spending the holidays together along with their friends...

I also liked that it wasn't entirely about them being alone (like Jace wanted); they had their friends who supported them... their poker friends as well as their workmate friends. And talking about poker, that was another of the negative things about this... Everything was related to poker (life, love) to the point of rolling my eyes. I admit that I know nothing about poker, so it was kind of a snooze all the talking about it.

Although it could have been corny, I didn't think it was at all, in spite of all the "I need you" and ILY. They had their friendship as a base to prevent the cheesiness, I think.

Is this a g4u? Maybe, since Quent has been straight all his life except when it came to Jace. Still, I would have loved if he had more inner struggles to accept his new sexuality (which, to me, is the fun of g4u), but since it was Jace, his best friend, it wasn't a struggle for him at all, which, at the end, was also nice. Overall, I think this book was super romantic <3