Hello, Heartbreaker

Hello, Heartbreaker - ofalexandra Gah, I honestly wanted to rate this lower but it broke my heart several parts, so there. And since this is Sterek... I can't...

**Warning: mildly, censured curse**

This was probably the angsty Sterek fanfic I've read so far. I don't like a heartbroken, hurt Stiles. I don't like him as a f*** buddy on the side. I hate miscommunications. And for almost most of the story, I hated Derek. (F*** you, Derek!) He behaved like an a**hole for most of the time. I like him when he is all possessive but this time it paled with his behavior.

They connect the moment they meet. They become lovers. Somewhat in the middle of it, Derek changes into this cold bastard. He is furious when he knows Stiles had his heat time and did not let Derek know. When he visits Stiles and after the deed is done, he is off without a warming word. The cold-heart bastard. Because he thinks that, oh, Stiles is not into him as he (Derek) is into Stiles.

Then he loses his memory and he is a little bit nicer. I wanted to hug Stiles when he had his heat again and Derek was so nice with him, because "real" Derek (the one with his memory intact) would have never been so nice to him otherwise, so Stiles enjoyed this precious time.

When he regains his memory back, he is an a**hole again and breaks Stile's heart. This fanfic made me realize that I like Stiles more than Derek. I don't mind when Stiles breaks Derek's heart because it is never intentional, but when it is Derek... wow, this bastard can really be a motherf***r.

Other cons: there are flashbacks. But there is a part where I did not know if it was flashback or present day. I thought it was their first time together, but then Stiles thinks something along "he knew Derek did not like it when he touched himself..." so it could not been their first time together. There is also mention of m-preg. Ugh, this is genre I avoid like plague. It is like the tentacle thing... I find it repulsive and can't believe it exists. But hey, that is just me.

I still don't get the whole "knot" thing and the alpha/omega. Or the omega thing applies to m-preg genre only? Because only women can be omega, right? To be more precise, I don't get the whole alpha/beta/omega thing.

Not a fan of wolf-Stiles.

So yeah, it is more like 2.5 stars.