Lock All The Doors Behind You

Lock All The Doors Behind You - entanglednow Although Derek talks like, the last 10% of the story, this fanfic was so cute! It is mostly Stiles taking care of a wolfish Derek, who all he does is growl and attack people... except Stiles, for some reason. Scott is a lovely friend that relays on Stiles to bring Derek back, since the pack needs their Alpha. So almost all the story is Stiles bonding with wolfish Derek, feeding him, reading to him, bathing him... and all is very clean and proper. Like Stiles, I did miss Derek's human face and human growl, but wolfish Derek was so cute and a bit possessive of Stiles. I love that Derek killed a couple of animals to give it to Stiles (although for Stiles it was gross). It is what werewolves do for their mates, right?

It ends with a sweet kiss and a need for more. Thumbs up.