Heart Strings

Heart Strings - Norikazu Akira The art is so nice, and the uke(s) so beautiful I should rate it, for the art alone, 5 stars.

But both ukes, Yuki and the one in the extra, were "chick with dicks". I know this type of uke happens, in like, 90% of yaoi, buy Yuki's reason for breaking up with Sakaki-san was so lame. Yuki is a host and Sakaki-san a yakuza. They start dating. Then one another yakuza member comes to Yuki and asks him/kind of threaten him to break up with Sakaki, with the lame excuse of "my sister should marry him, you are an embarrasment for someone like Sakaki" sort of thing. So Yuki breaks up with him, and nice Sakaki slaps him in the face.

That is where I almost drop it. What a bastard.

I did not quit because this is Norikazy Akira. I love her artwork.

And ok, I also like cross-dressing and Yuki dresses in kimono. Kimono for woman, and he looks divine.

But with that slap it went downhill. I like my semes to be caring, cold, possessive maybe, but not violent. Bye.