Only Serious About You 2

Only Serious About You 2 - Kai Asou A little bit more angsty because of Chizu and her mom. What I liked in this yaoi is that the women here were not stupid nor evil. The woman from the pharmacy was helpful, and Chizu's mother, in spite of being irresponsible, was not bad.

If it weren't for Oozawa accepting Yosshi's feelings and sleeping with him, I would have said this was a josei manga. Why? Because it is mostly a slice of life (work, raising a girl being a single parent, falling in love). It was mature and simple, no dramas (except maybe when Oozawa told Yosshi that it was not his business).

Too bad there are only 2 volumes. Oozawa just started to fall in love with Yosshi. In this case, Yosshi loved Oozawa more than Oozawa loved Yosshi, I agree with Yosshi in that aspect. But I also think that Oozawa, having never thought to love a man, was new to all this, and his personality also did not allow him to show more his feelings.

It was sweet and right now I will shelf the other works from this mangaka. Her artwork was good (nothing outstanding; in fact, in one page there is Yosshi looking surprised and beneath that panel, is Oozawa with the same expression. Heck, the same face; the only difference was the shade of hair). The development of the story plus the romance was very good.