Little Wolf

Little Wolf - R. Cooper I reached to that point where I just can't continue anymore.

I was enjoying the book so much. I was giggling like silly, I was loving Littlewolf and his obliviousness, Nathaniel and his patience, and the whole town hanging on any little interaction those two had.

Nathaniel, the sheriff, who was suffering so much because he knew Tim was his mate, but since Tim is new in the whole werewolf-thing, did not want to shock him with the news. So instead, and this is what I love the best in R.Cooper's books, the alpha courts his mate; he does not claim him, like a caveman. No, the mate has to come willingly while the alpha has to wait and suffer. The mate is a treasure, not a possession. Nathaniel does what a good alpha does, but Tim is not aware of anything. Sure, he knows Nathaniel is waiting for The One, but he does not realize that HE is the one. He accepts all Nathaniel offers, because Tim, who likes Nataniel very much, thinks that Nathaniel is just attracted to him.

"Weres are creatures with basic needs." Nathaniel seemed like he wanted to grimace, but he kept talking. "We like to offer protection, if needed. Shelter. Food, usually. Or something unique to show off our skills."

Tim, on the other hand, was so funny at the beginning. He talked without thinking; he was a little thing (a young were on the run) with a bit of temper. All his babbles...

Tim was not a blushing maiden, except in the sense that he was a virgin whose face was on fire.

Like usual, there are a lot of dialogues and inner struggles. I think that Nathaniel thought at the beginning that Tim may have been scared of him, just like Bertie did. Confusing arousal and excitement with fear.

All was going so well....

**sobs with angry tears**

Until THAT happened....

Sure, I understand why it happened, but it doesn't mean I am OK with it! Nathaniel tries to give Tim as much space as possible, so he can figure it out by himself. Although it pains him so much, Nathaniel encourages Tim to go to the Meadows (which is like, the Hook-Up place for Weres) and fool around. Tim is curious so he goes. Sure he wants Nathaniel to stop him, but at the same time, he also wants to go. So the little f**ker goes. With "pretty" Albert (I swear, if this Albert is the MC of the next Beings book, I am skipping it).

Yeah, Ok, I am mostly OK Tim making out with Albert. Yeah, sure, both of them are pretty excited. Little F**cker is thinking that hey, Albert is not Nathaniel, but he is hot. OK, fine. And suddenly is not kissing anymore, but sex. **vomits**

Dear R. Cooper, why did you do that? Why ruined a wonderful Paranormal book? You have never, EVER, include a third-wheel in the relationship of our two MC. Worst, not only pretty Albert was included (sex an all. And worst of all, Little F**ker enjoyed it and wanted to do it again **gagging**. But oh, if it had been Nathaniel it would have been better **eye-roll**) but another one as well: the abusive Luca. Sure, it was all memories, but Tim was thinking ALL THE FREAKING TIME in Luca. And mentioning Albert here and there, the little F**ker.

Cal would have NEVER done this to Ray (Beings #1).

Zeki would have NEVER done this to Theo (Beings #3).

Bertie would have NEVER allowed this to happen (Beings #2). And for that matter, Arthur would have NEVER done that.

I stopped reading it for some time, to calm down. Then I continued it and just after like, 2 pages after this terrible sin, Tim and Nathaniel are having their first time together. That decided it. I could not continue anymore. If something so anticipated could not make that awful image go away, it was time to quit. They started to kiss but I just couldn't. I was cheated on. I felt it like a treason.

I am not sure if someday I will finish it. I am so angry with what happened and just looking at that cover (the cover I once thought was beautiful and sweet) makes me want to punch both punks. Ok, Nathaniel not so much, but I Do want to kick Littlef**ker Tim's scrawny, selfish ass.