The Emperor's Wolf

The Emperor's Wolf - J.C. Owens There is something in the relationship between slave and master that somewhat appeals to me, and at the same time, repels me. It is the same between prisoners, when one is the boy toy. They start out with the boy toy/slave submitting unwillingly to his master, and in the kind I like to read, the master is in reality a good guy, who cannot confess his feelings unless it is through sex. And while the boy toy/slave expects the sex to be rough and detached, he is surprised to find out that his master is kind and gentle and it is treated like a treasure. This, of course, leads to love.

All this happens in "The Emperor's Wolf". Poor Jaden has been the slave of a cruel woman for years (so warning, there is MF sex at the beginning of the story). One day his mistress takes him as companion to this kingdom where the Emperor, whom everybody is afraid of. Turns out, this is the emperor who killed Jaden's captain, defeated his country and is the main responsible that Jaden and his little sister were sold as slaves.

The Emperor demands the woman to give Jaden to him. At first Jaden is afraid and full of hatred. They do not speak even two words when his new master claims him. He is gentle and Jaden experiments the first pleasure in years, but he is still does not trust his master. He has been abused so many years he can't. Soon, he learns that the Emperor's name is Dersai and that he is strong, kind and a good leader.

Slowly, Dersai gains Jaden's trust. And eventually, Jaden learns that Dersai has a curse: every emperor has a demon inside that comes out whenever his country is in danger. It was the demon (taking Dersai's body) who killed Jaden's captain, who defeated Jaden's country.

My heart broke for Dersai many times. He hated the demon, hated to kill enemies, but he accepted it all for his country. He treated Jaden as a treasure, was always kind to him. In the last couple of chapters, when Jaden thinks that Dersai has been using him all this time and out of anger, told him all these cruel words, it broke my heart. Such a silly, but comprehensible misunderstanding. When Dersai is in his demon form and Jaden tries with sweet, touching and honest words to bring him back, I was heartbroken. I am so happy that Dersai has his happy ending and that "his wolf" loved him as he deserved.

The love scenes were hot and sweet. My kind of sex scenes: in the bathtub, against the wall, bareback... image image Both men were real men, there was not "chick with dick" here.

Very good, romantic and hot book. It was short but it was not rushed and everything developed well.

I've finished it in less than a day. It was that good.