An Admirer

An Admirer - Megan Derr Sweet. It did not feel like a short story. It is well narrated and I like the world (I wish to read a full-length book set in this school plus magic). Of course, if it was longer, we would get to know Bellamy and confirm his feelings were true, not just for convenience.

It was a bit obvious that the gifts were not for Kaeck (sorry Kaeck). I wanted too, like he did, that Bellamy were aware of him, but it was obvious Bellamy had an infatuation with the other guy. Poor Kaech, when he realizes it was all a mistake. I kinda wish that it had been a whole terrible mistake and that's it, a hurtful experience for him and the end. As much as I liked Bellamy, he seemed more like a friend than one who fell for Kaeck.

You can tell right away that Bellamy was a nice, honest guy, but it was very convenient when Bellamy goes to the date and finds Kaeck instead of the Cathalta. He was surprised, right? He expected (and wanted) Cathalta to be there. Kaeck suffers for it, gets his heart break, runs away from there but oh wait, Bellamy actually wanted to cut things off with Cathalta. I like them, I liked the story, I just wasn't convinced with the romance.