Crows Vol. 7

Crows Vol. 7 - Hiroshi Takahashi Love that Bouya has new "brothers" like Bulldog, and that in spite of their previous "fight" he doesn't let his brother down when Bulldog is needing his help. Their bromance was too cute and funny... and that scene at the bench! Total shounen-ai image

The bickering between Rindaman and Bouya, never fail image

Two new guys are visiting town to fight against the representative, a.k.a. Rindaman. One of them is like the twin of one of those plain guys in "Gokusen", the one with the thick eyebrows who was nice but if someone said he was ugly he turned into a boxer. Just like this guy in CROWS.

How come there isn't any anime? I checked today and I was surprised to find a couple of OVA only. Unbelievable.