Equation For Love

Equation For Love - Fae Sutherland Oh, boy...

I noticed that, whenever I am obsessed with a slash, I tend to "see" them in all my MM romances. It happened with Akame, it happened with Sterek, and now it happens with Ian/Souji. I am all "oh, the author must be a X/X fan". Liam sounds like Ian. Liam is a paid escort, Ian is a playboy. Ian calls Souji "boy"; Liam, in Dom mode, calls Skye "boy". There are several oh, my expressions, which is something that Ian says all the time.

There. These were my proofs... Liam was Ian ♥ Ian Liam was so yummy... tanned skin... gorgeous smile... ♥

Until Skye loses his virginity and, well, things started to go downhill.

I should have known. I dislike romances with a virgin nerd and a prostitute (but it has a genius virgin!... huh, genius, right **eyeroll**). It can never work (for me). The virgin boy (Skye) goes all needy, clingy, and poof! insta-love. Like, obviously. He had lost his virginity with the prostitute, of course he will fall for him. Of course he will think eventually that Liam had feelings for him, that this was not mere, paid sex.

Although it was. Liam was earning $1,000 per session. Each session lasts 3 hours. Three sessions per week. And when Liam wasn't working for Skye (it was work, people... not "love-making"... Liam was earning every cent) he had other customers. Hello, it was his job. One day Skye, other day other random guy. Luckily we don't read his "work" with other guys.

But if there is one thing I despise, is open relationship, cheating, or whatever you want to call it. Once my two guys meet and go steady (as steady as a paid escort can go **facelpalm**) there has to be ABSOLUTELY no other guy between them (or other guys, yikes). When Liam tells Skye that they can't be together because Liam is a prostitute and not ashamed of it, and blah blah blah, Skye says, with "tears in his pretty eyes", that he won't mind if Liam still works as a prostitute, as long as they are together.

Talk about a turn off.

So Skye is not only a nerdy, needy former virgin.. he likes to cry, he likes to imagine Liam loves him back (after a week), he forgives Liam everything (i.e., the times Liam stood him up), and he is willing to do everything and whatever to have "beautiful" Liam with him. Huh... talk about NO-PRIDE. He is supposed to be a "bratty sub", but uhmm, he was no bratty, believe me.

But let's not forget HOT Liam (because we are constantly reminded that he is beautiful with the most beautiful smile, body, etc, etc.)

Experienced Liam also falls head over heals for Skye. But No, No, he knows Skye belongs to "some other future guy", Liam is just his Sex-Tutor, Liam is just showing and teaching Skye how to date and have sex (let's highlight "have sex"). But he is so jealous of this "other future guy", because Skye is his, but No, No, not actually his. Skye deserved a better man **eye-roll**. He deserved the "best man", which wasn't Liam.

Although it doesn't stop Liam to call Skye "my own" (the worst term of endearment ever. "Professor" was good, but "my own"? really?). Skye is his, but not actually his. Skye is only "his" as long as they are together. But Liam does not want to confuse him.

[▲ this is my cutie Ian ♥]

This story could have been easily a MF romance (Skye is so a "chick with dick"). It is a PWP. The only two characters in the story: Liam and Skye. Setting: a bedroom (Skye's, the hotel's). No conversations, no "getting to know each other" (besides the physical way), no development (I did not like Skye nor Liam... how could I? I did not even "know" them). Nice "Manual Sex" with plenty (and I mean, PLENTY) of nice smutty scenes, but for the story, MEH. Goes to my "will forget it by next week" shelf (I don't have one yet, but it would be cool to have it).