Under Pretenses

Under Pretenses - Jessa Ryan Well paced, and more a gay-guy-college-life than a manties romance, so beware. In that aspect it was very disappointing because, while there are lace and man panties and stockings, it all happens when Mark is alone in his room, without no one to appreciate it (and no, I don't mention his bestie Sam because he was straight -maybe- and not interested in Mark sexually). So it was a big let down. I wanted his "secret admirer" to enjoy the delights of Mark in feminine underwear, which is something that, at least to us readers, was denied.

I'll say this was most a slice of life because it was most about Mark, a gay, single guy, in his college life with his buddies and theater classes and hanging around and stuff. The romance was ok-ish, not that great but not that bad either. Landon was ok-ish, I did not fall for him or anything because I did not really know him. Was he shy, was he outgoing? He had two personalities which were MEH I guess. I prefer the shy but whatever.

That cover **swoons** but sadly, it does not happen here.