Princess Jellyfish, Tome 2

Princess Jellyfish, Tome 2 - Akiko Higashimura, 東村 アキコ, Yuko K Oh well, unfortunately not as good as the first volume :( my excitement diminished a little bit :( which is a shame because Vol. 1 was so funny! What I loved the most was the author's note at the end of the book. She is so funny! Crazily funny.

Too bad that there is a love triangle **sighs**. I can't stand love triangles, I despised them. They bore me to tears. The love triangle is between Tsukimi, Kuranosuke and his brother, XXXX (I can't remember his name). Tsukimi is 18, and her love interest is a 30-year-old virgin, but whatever. Kuranosuke is slowly realizing he likes Tsukimi as a girl, but Tsukimi does not see him as a potential lover at all. In fact, she shed her first "unrequited love" tears **sighs**. What a shame, silly tears have a role in this manga.

I will continue reading this (since I have the anime and live action in my TBW shelf) but I am not as excited as I was yesterday.