Princess Jellyfish, Tome 3

Princess Jellyfish, Tome 3 - Akiko Higashimura So far I am enjoying as much or much more the story of the mangaka as well as the manga itself. Higashimura-sensei is so funny! Her story about her past (and unrequited) love for the Olympic athlete.

About the Jellyfish, I liked this volume more than the previous one, but less than the first one. I loved it when they all went to the flea market, the amars are so crazy! (like the mangaka is, I think). Kuranosuke with Tsukimi is so cute. Still weird-looking when he is with Tsukimi... he looks like a girl so much no matter if he is cross-dressing or not, so sometimes it seems like I am reading a yuri, but only sometimes! Because most of the times, it is impossible to forget he is a man. He is so nice with her and the amars, trying to help them to buy the apartment, but he also loves dresses so much image. I guess he really is a transvestite, but at the same time, he is also manly... do I make sense? image

I almost rated it lower because **sighs** the love triangle and everything that it involves (like tears **ohgod**). And that virgin killer lady is so... soap-opera-ish.

I like this manga, but I don't think I will have the patience to endure the love triangle and the virgin killer lady. Will see...