Charlie in a Red Dress

Charlie in a Red Dress - Zoe X. Rider Not what I was expecting. Starts really well, I love Charlie and his thoughts and how he was invested in the cross-dressing. I mean, this was a cross-dressing all the way, from waxing (all body hair + eyebrows) to an entire female outfit. I loved it.

The party was good, I liked how sweet and protective Jeff was with "Charli". There was some weird dialogues, especially when their "date" was coming to an end, which was a turn off for me. Charlie has always been straight, and out of nowhere he ends up eating his BFF's mouth. Then, when things get hotter and they move to the bedroom, their dialogue was so weird (Charlie in woman's role-play); too female-male concern/thoughts that were too much for me. I am not really someone who judge people's taste and their kinks, and I respect Jeff's fetish, but it did not feel like a romance to me. From both side, but from Jeff's more than from Charlie's. I mean, if Charlie did not agree to go with this fetish, would it have been over between both of them? Did Jeff really love Charlie or was he indulging himself into his fetish?

So, for the cross-dressing thing, it was a good story, although I feel like it was very unrealistic (Charlie's acceptance to go all the way for cross-dressing and the whole woman attitude when he was with Jeff, when he was supposed to be "straight"). But I did like Jeff's monologue about his worries about being someone who loved this stuff.

As for the romance, totally MEH.