14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3]

14歳の恋 3 [14-sai no Koi 3] - Fuka Mizutani It has been such a long time since I've read Vol. 2. But I have never forgotten this adorable manga. This author is seriously good. Her stories are all real and fluffy and cute and nice.


Kanata and Kazuki have a little fight. After this silly fight, each one of them is thinking that the other must be upset and are willing to take the first step (since they are both very mature). Due several failed meetings, their fight takes longer to be solved. But when it is... it was so sweet I got all teary eyed. I love this couple so much <3<br/>
The scene with the lipstick... image

The student-teacher relationship... ehh, still not sure what to think about it. Since, you know, it is illegal. But the mangaka portrays it in a somewhat subtle and honest way I am almost rooting for them. But... the kid is just 14...O_O

Has Aoi romantic feelings for Kanata???