海月姫 5 [Kuragehime]

海月姫 5 [Kuragehime] - Akiko Higashimura, 東村 アキコ "Jellyfish" clothing line is on.

Yay, this was better because there is ZERO scenes of Tsukimi crying over oniisan (I will never remember his name -_-) or any interaction between them. It is basically, the AMARS helping Tsukimi and Kuranosuke to make nice dresses for the girls at the play.

And can I say that I started to love Kuranosuke? Not only he is super nice (helping the AMARS, helping the actresses to have better clothes), but he also admitted the AMARS were his friends. Without feeling embarrassed. It was like saying the weather is nice... just announcing it without making a fuss or feeling embarrassment. In fact, he was quite angry when his classmates (flashy girls) mocked the AMARS. And his final words to Tsukimi! That he doesn't make these "after-before" out of embarrassment, but because he thinks Tsukimi is cute <3<br/>
So I don't care he is a transvestite, and that he loves dresses so much. I don't see him as a girl at all, he is quite manly (despite his looks). I am rooting for him (awww when he blushes... he! an experienced-in-women guy). In some ways it is quite similar to Gokusen (he doesn't have Shin's personality, but he likes a "loser" while he so cool), this love triangle, although at least Yankumi has never been a cry-baby (yeah, Tsukimi is cute, but since most of the times I want to shake her off and tell her to STOP BEING SO WHINNY -unlike my dear Yankumi- I still can't love her).

The "virgin-killer" (sorry, another one I can't remember the name...) is slowly starting to fall for oniisan.