海月姫 6 [Kuragehime]

海月姫 6 [Kuragehime] - Akiko Higashimura, 東村 アキコ Mayaya-san becomes a model! Of course she paralyzes and does not want to, but Kuranosuke is a master at bribe XD

My favorite part is where the AMARS (+ the Blythe doll otaku) and Kuranosuke staid up all night making the dresses. Kuranosuke was so tired and sweaty he wasn't wearing any make-up or wig (he was, basically, just being himself) and Chieko-san was all "you really look like a guy without the make up" hahaha.

For the party, he dressed up as a boy but with the excuse of his family wanting him to dress as a boy. The AMARS were ok with that XD Slowly, without meaning to, the AMARS are getting comfortable with the male version of Kurako XD

Syuu (oniisan's name!) and the virgin-killer meet again.

Next: the runway show! Models: Kurako and Mayaya. Place: Amars' building.