海月姫 7 [Kuragehime]

海月姫 7 [Kuragehime] - Akiko Higashimura, 東村 アキコ The runaway was a success. How couldn't it be? The models were Mayaya and Kurako XD

While Tsukimi is having her mental breakdowns because she is with Shuu, Kuranosuke is out there working for the brand. I can't blame Tsukimi for liking Shuu.. he is nice, a good brother (we get a glimpse of the past; the first time Shuu met little boy Kuranosuke). But, for the first time in a manga, I wish she could see how awesome Kuranosuke is (romantically I mean, because she is already aware he is awesome).

Mayaya will be the death of me. She is so funny! I love the translation of "yours truly".