Prized Possession

Prized Possession - Kora Knight WOW, this was image

We have more action outside a room. Less PWP, but still super hot. Starts with Tad driving and having sex phone with Scott. At least, in that area, Tad is more comfortable and daring, since Scott is not in the same room as he is.

Along with the first one, this is my favorite novella in the series. Tad is finally admitting he may be gay, because he certainly cannot stop thinking about Scott, and does not want to be apart from him. The reader also get to know Tad's friends, and for around half of the book it is to get to know Tad and Scott better with clothes on.

One of Tad's wishes is to defeat Scott in wrestling. It is something that he wanted to do for a while. So when he has the chance, he does it. And his prize is not other than to be the top image

So yeah, this novella is by far the most romantic one. Not only Tad gives in and finally touches Scott, but he also experiences his first time as a top and they finally kiss. The wait was long, but the reward was liberating. And finally, Tad admits to himself that he wants to be more than friends with Scott. And finally, we have a little angst. Scott is frustrated because Tad is a closeted guy, and Tad is as well, but he is not ready yet to come out.

Now, on #6. Let's see where all this thing between Scott and Kai goes to. Don't disappoint me, Kora Knight, I am begging you.