Afterglow - Kora Knight This is the first time where I purchase the next book in the series, without having finished the current one I was reading. Because I knew it from book #1 that I was going to love it <3<br/>
I had to put it down many times because I did not want it to end. But it did, bwaaa. Anyway, the end was satisfactory, I guess it is a HFN but feels like a HEA. As part of the series, I think it was the less funny, and although it was sexy and hot as always, I felt like it was less yummy, less intense.

I liked the pool game, I did not like the out-come of it.

I liked the light BDSM (with the paddle), but I did not like the play with the stick.

I liked how Tad topped from the bottom, but I wish he had been the top.

I liked the romantic scenes between Tad and Scott (confessions of love, bareback), but I did not like the amount of time the author spent with Max and Sean.

I like that they have things in common, but my, their taste in music suck (I won't even mention the group they like to listen to... it is mentioned several times, and let me say that I dislike their music, their main singer and the whole group in general).

I love the author, I like her humor and how she writes (it is never repetitive). I am sad that Tad's journey come to its end. I know that the author is going to write spin-off and we are going to glimpse Tad and Scott, but unfortunately, I will not read it. I don't like Max and Sean because a) of that awful BDSM scene that I wish didn't happen (that Tad and Scott didn't have to see it); and b) Max handling Sean to another Dom is just wrong and a real turn off (I don't care his motives). Maybe if the spin off was about Break and Kai... but Max/Sean is a NO-NO for me (I did not even read the except, and never will).

All in all, it was a good ending to the series, with the exception of "too much about Max/Sean".

Thank you Kora Knight! I will wait patiently for your future books (with new characters, hopefully).