Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home - Kora Knight I have been so afraid that the author was going to disappoint me in this volume, with the whole Kai and Max thing. So I was reading the whole scene at the pub a bit reluctantly, with my guts clenched. I was seeing it all as if I were Tad. My heart was beating so hard when I was "watching" Scott getting too close to Sean, or anytime Kai was touching him. When Scott and Kai went together to the bathroom, I nearly lost it. My, when Breck tells Tad that he saw Kai and Scott leaving together the same stall, I almost put this book on my "no-thank-you-i-quit" shelf. I was livid with jealousy and hurt with betrayal. Yeah, I take fiction cheating very seriously, I may need to cool down (-_-).

But also, very deep down, I trusted Kora Knight. I trusted Scott. He wouldn't do that. No way. So I continued.

When both of them talk outside, and Scott tells Tad that he gives up, that he can't do it anymore since Tad is a closeted guy, three hearts were broken: Tad's, Scott's, and mine. I understood Tad it was a very hard decision to make. I understood Scott, it was a hard thing to bear.

This break-up is what makes Tad finally opens his eyes and be strong enough to come out. Before he tells Scott, Scott tells him his past. A past that, while sad, wasn't as terrible as I feared it would be. Thank God Kora Knight did not make it too much (like gang-rape... I wouldn't have endured that). Scott also makes every misunderstanding very clear. Like I knew he would, very deep inside. He couldn't have cheated on Tad. Kora Knight couldn't have disappoint me like that.

The love-making in this book was sweet, funny and hot. Sweet because of the words Scott says to Tad. Funny because of Tad (as always, his thoughts and talk is hilarious... and how the hell a sexy time can be funny? I loved it). Hot because of the things Scott shows, teach, and does to Tad.

I do not even care that Tad calls Scott "dude". In fact, I like it. It is so "Tad". Sure he is changing it slowly -very slowly- to "babe", but I don't mind. I don't mind the lack of terms of endearment, and I don't mind if there are. What I mind, and the author is amending in this book, is that there are lots of kisses! yatta, finally XD

I am so happy that this book was also longer. I love this couple, I love their relationship, their time together. And I love this author. She writes everything that I expect in a MM romance: the humor, the romance, the smut, the little angst (not too much, and not silly at all), the banter, the chemistry, the lack of cliche and cheesiness...

Now, on the last book. I am sad to finish this series, but I honestly cannot put it down (-_-)