El código de los Wooster

El código de los Wooster - P.G. Wodehouse Bertie is a sweetheart as always, and the combo is great to read (Jeeves has some nice ideas and I love how he "persuades" Bertie to go on a cruise).

But the "friends" of Bertie in this volume were really annoying! 1) Gussie is an ass, is always asking for help and if he can't do a thing, first he tries to extort Bertie, then he mopes. Useless guy; 2) Madeline, another cry baby. The nerve of telling Bertie that she would marry him, since her engagement with Gussie did not work out!; 3) Stiffy and her selfish nature, with the whole blackmail and always asking Bertie to sacrifice himself!; 4) Stinker, who, honestly, did not have any personality.

I forgive the aunt because she was funny, and she almost handed Anatole over, something that would have been a sin, according to our dear Bertie (who loves Anatole's cooking almost as much -or maybe more- as he loves Jeeves' brain).

But really, Bertie is so nice and his friends, being so selfish, abuse his kindness. Thank God he did not give in -most of the times.