Inseparable - Chris Scully Very cute. I liked everthing about it (and I am not even a fan of memory-loss). Joe was a real sweetheart with Adam, I loved how he took care of his friend. I also liked that, because the book is written from Adam's POV, the reader doesn't have any clue of what happened or what is going on between Joe and Adam, so we are pretty clueless, as Adam is.

The story is so cute that it remains clean (since Adam has broken ribs that hurt like hell). I suffered with Adam, and I suffered with Joe, which is a big plus (I love to feel empathy with my characters). Very recommended, just a light novella, on the sweet side, with a little angst (because they are BFF and both love each other but don't want to give the first move so they do not lose each other in the process). Nice for a Christmas romance.