Lord Heartless (Regency Romance)

Lord Heartless (Regency Romance) - Barbara Metzger First time I read a book from BM. I've read so many good reviews and I am glad to say it it lived up to my expectations. It really is a Regency romance, unlike other books that seem more contemporaries romances disguised as Regency romance. It is not entirely clean, since there are R rated words and innuendos of sex, but at least, it is not explicit.

Both characters are very improper, in improper situations. Carissa is a widow with a young daughter, living in a mansion with an old gentleman. People think she is his mistress. She is not. But she claims she is a widow, which is not true.

Lesley is a rake who finds himself suddenly with a baby at his doorstep: one of his mistresses decided to give up their daughter since she is a princess and cannot take care of a baby. Besides the child, he has an improper dog and an improper butler (tattoos and all).

Since he needs help with the baby, Carissa and Lesley get to an understanding, until finally, she comes to his house to work as a housekeeper. More improper situations. Including a cat, new staff and a maid breast-feeding the baby. All town is scandalous.

Although the improper situations and behavior, the characters were likable enough -especially Lesley, who is not a Heartless rake at all. Rake yes, heartless, not even close-, and the situations, while not original -such as the missing will, or Carissa being actually a Lady instead of someone of lesser means, or Lesley changing for good thanks to the girls- it was a nice read. Not too dramatic, not too light. I do think, however, that the end was a bit rushed, and I would have loved if Lesley said the 3 little words. As it was, I still have his words in mind, that when the time comes for him to have mistresses, he would be careful.

The dismissal of the husband was too easy and short; it took like, 2 pages. The same with Mason, the butler of Sir Gilliam. This book needs an epilogue.