A Gathering of Gargoyles

A Gathering of Gargoyles - Meredith Ann Pierce Another trilogy I won't bother to finish. Irrylath was far more interesting as a Darkangel than as human Irrylath. Too angsty. Thankfully he isn't around much, only in the first chapter or so and in the last one. We get to know why he can't "love" Aeriel. Not really a mystery, since the specters told Aeriel in the first book that he used to be the Witch's lover, who is his adoptive mother... Yikes.

Aeriel starts a new adventure, but alas, she is not what she used to be. Or all the other characters, for that matter. Since when all the Gargoyles have names? Since when they love her so much? And everywhere she goes, she finds something useful and powerful.. things that don't look much, but she is all "oh well, I am going to take it", and turns out, they are magical stuff or super expensive stuff that helps her in her way.

And not only she is extremely lucky to find those objects; she meets allies that help her out, or otherwise, she would have been dead by chapter 3. She isn't the sharpest girl, the poor thing accepts drinks and food from suspicious people (her uncle, Diurna) without thinking. And what does she get? Drugged, that's what. Not once, but for almost all the length of book.

I think that her whole stay in Pirs was such a waste of time. How she did not notice a thing, from the very beginning. How she did not notice the truth about her cloak.

2nd book in the series was a bit boring, tbh. And since I don't care anymore about Aeriel and Irrylath, til here I come.