The Night Off

The Night Off - Meghan O'Brien Much better than I thought it would be. I did not mind the insta-love (so much) nor the cheesy parts since they are both women, and well, women tend to be more cheesy and sensitive. So it was understandable why both of them would fall for the other, and all the tears were also understandable (not less annoying but still). I was willing to rate it higher (3 stars), except that 1) Emily was just so stupid, with her excuse of why she couldn't have a relationship and her inexcusable way to hurt Nat. 2) when their BDSM scene is unexpectedly interrupted... talk about awkward. Gosh, I can't even imagine... in any of them' shoes. 3) I really did not care for any of the characters. Not a bit, I did not care for their happiness even or if Nat and Emily ended up together or not. 4) Could have been a little shorter... it was like it stretched too much, for such an insignificant and silly thing. 5) I hate it when one of the MC is a sex worker and continues to work after falling in love. True, it doesn't count as cheating, but in my book it does. And well, I just hate the whole prostitute/client romance in general.

It was mostly MEH. On the other hand, the erotic scenes were really well done, and I enjoyed reading them (the first one last about 1/3 of the book). Very erotic.