Season's Regency Greetings

Season's Regency Greetings - Carla    Kelly Lovely, both stories. It was like reading two full books; they did not feel like short stories at all. All was so well developed, so nicely narrated, the characters so wonderfully portrayed. I love both couples and how they find happiness at last. My favorite one between the two of them is the first one.

*Let Nothing You Dismay 4.5 stars

Cecilia Ambrose is a teacher that accompanies one of her students to her house. There, she meets her student's older sister (a selfish girl who is going to get married soon), her younger brother (who misses his parents very much since they traveled to the city) and his uncle, Trevor, a barrister. The instant camaraderie between them is, as always happens in CR books, a delight to read. Cecilia is a nice girl who always had to endure discrimination against her (she is half Egyptian). And when Trevor tells her his own little and sad story... my, how touching! I don't know how CR does it, but her heroes and heroines past, in spite of being sad and/or so terrible, it is never dramatic, and it never makes them proud/miserable/angry characters. Despite his traumatic past, Trevor does his best to bring his family together, and just when he may be in his darkest moment, he meets Cecilia. This story was truly beautiful and I am so happy they have met each other and fall in love <3 They deserved it.<br/>
*No Room at the Inn 3 stars

In this story, only Mary has a dark and tragic past. The people she thought were her parents are actually not, and when her real grandmother is looking for her and her parents know about it, they tell her the truth and ask her to leave her home and quit their last name. She travels along with some old "friends" (and I say "friends" because they see her now beneath them) and due a storm and because there are no rooms available in an inn, they have to stay over at an old neighbor's house. This is where she meets Joe again, after many years. He is a real gem, unlike his brother. The only reason I did not like this one so much is because Joe, who is a widower with a boy, tells Mary that he may have loved his wife because she used to look like Mary, or it may be vice-versa. It was distasteful in my opinion, although he did not mean to be. And at the end, when she finds out the whole truth about her family... Meh, it all stays "in the family", which I did not like it.

Although this is a Christmas book, it did not feel entirely Christmas-ish, so it is good to read it at any time of the year.