Proposal: A Mediator Story

Proposal: A Mediator Story - Meg Cabot Who would have thought there were more of The Mediator? I didn't, and I was so pleasantly surprised when I knew. Specially because the last one, book #6, is my least favorite in the series, and it couldn't have ended like that. But no worries, we have more of Susannah and Jesse <3<br/>
So a couple of years have passed. Susannah is now 21-years-old, still dealing with ghost. She is blissfully together with Jesse. And Jesse? well he is a medical student, and still an old-fashioned guy. So much that they have not had sex yet! And poor Susannah is sexually frustrated. It was so funny to read when she finds him in her room on Valentine's Day, and she keeps thinking that he looks "happy" to see her too.

In this book, Susannah has to deal with the ghost of a boy who died after proposing to his gf. Yeah, I know. I thought that The Proposal was something else as well **coughJesseandSusannahcough**. But nothing to worry about! I won't spoil but let's say I wasn't disappointed at all XD