Handsome Hard and Delicious

Handsome Hard and Delicious - James   Cox I did not mind, no... I actually enjoyed the menage on book #1. I am one of those people who hate a third wheel in a romance. I hate love triangles, I hate threesome when there are feelings involved. A romantic relationship should be between 2 people only; how can one of the couple stand to watch his partner kissing another guy? Touching another guy? Book #1 was lust only, everything was physical only, no feelings involved. But book #2 is supposedly about Layden and Lavender, the wolf and the cat, and they are madly in love with each other. Suddenly, one day, they want to do a foursome with Drayton and Dusk. Yeah, they have done it before when they first met, but they are all now supposedly in a relationship (Drayton with Dusk; Layden with Lavender). But no, there you have it, a foursome. F**k it, straight to my DNF pile.