After School Nightmare, Volume 2

After School Nightmare, Volume 2 - Setona Mizushiro Uhm, still creepy. And I still like it. Sou has some kind of twisted relationship with his sister... they kissed O_O

Karuha shows up her true self, she is jealous and possessive. Of course she would be, her bf kissed another boy and this boy is in love with him.

I am still engrossed in all the nightmares. There are less in this volume, but a new character is introduced (a giraffe).

I still cannot understand why Mashiro considers himself a man. He has the upper part of a boy but the below part of a woman. So isn't he just like a girl with flat-chess? I could understand Micah (from [b:Pantomime|15797050|Pantomime (Micah Grey, #1)|Laura Lam||19161274], because he/she had all woman parts as well as man's part (breast, vagina, penis), but Mashiro, as far as I understand, has a vagina only. Hmph, sounds female to me **scratch head**