The Merchant and the Clergyman

The Merchant and the Clergyman - Summer Devon, Bonnie Dee It took me half of the book to really appreciate both Declan and James, separately. I think this was a really well portrayed book, considering the time and that James was a gay clergyman. All this time he considered his sexuality as sinful, and that is because his former lover (if we can call Kip a lover) humiliated him constantly, and it was all a one-sided physical relationship. Until he meets Declan, Kip's cousin, and thankfully, a really nice guy. I thought that theirs would be a nice relationship based mostly on the physical aspect; however, I am glad to say that it wasn't and that they took time to know each other.

I pitied poor James for most of the book, and I am so glad that Declan was so tender with him in his first time with a man. The BDSM is light, thank Heavens, since I couldn't see James totally fine with it. I mean, he wanted to submit, it was part of him, but all his time with Kip made him ashamed of that submission, and that he loved it even if it made him feel kind of dirty. Declan was nice and took control of it, without being TOO much.

There is also side problem for Declan, which is also the reason why he was there. His aunt is clearly being sedated, he suspects his uncle; then there is also Kip and his prominent wedding, and although Kip was always been a total jerk with poor James, at least he wasn't a real monster; he couldn't have been since James liked him when they were younger. I liked that.

I am very happy with the ending; it was nothing corny nor unbelievable. I think the authors handle James' issues and being gay in that time and place very well. I am so happy for poor James, that he finally accepted his sexuality without feeling any remorse, and that Declan was so sweet to him.