Karma Bites

Karma Bites - Erin M. Leaf Very cute. In spite of being short, I felt the friendship and passion between Harrison and Boyd. I love pretend-boyfriends stories, and this one was cute and hot. Their first kiss was so romantic, and the flow was natural. They seem teenagers but they are actually 26.

Boyd has to pretend he has a bf because his cousin Coco cannot stop throwing herself at him, so he asks his bff Harrison to help him. His dad is sure Boyd is gay but Boyd keeps denying it, it is all a pretense Dad! But Dad knows better :) So when Harrison comes, Boyd wants to practice, and they have the hottest first kiss! Too bad Coco and Boyd's dad cock-block them, and then the 3 of them (Boyd, Harrison and Coco) go to this BDSM club, Karma Bites. Because of silly Coco, Boy has to perform in front of everyone a BDSM scene, and Boyd decides that Harrison is the one who would share it with him.

Not a fan of exhibitionism, but at least all of it was more of foreplay and a bit of spank. The best (and final) comes when they practically run away from there to be together XD... alone, of course.

My rating went from 4 stars to 3 in the end, when they tell each other ILY and Boyd says they are going to be married. I was like, HUH? is he kidding or talking in earnest? It was a big blow. I know they were bff since forever, but come on! date more, fool around -with each other, of course- more before talking about marriage! geez. Also, there are many mistakes, like putting Harrison instead of Boyd, or viceversa, in many places. Huh? Wasn't Harrison on his knees in front of Boyd? So why is Boyd sucking him off? Things like that.

Obs: I don't think this is a double g4u, since Boyd doesn't seem to like girls since puberty (and his dad has always suspected he was gay and was just waiting for him to come out of the closet).